Thursday, November 7, 2019

Ellensburg Ski Team 2019-2020

Welcome to the Ellensburg Ski Team 2019-2020

The purpose of the Ellensburg ski team is to introduce youth ages 7-18 to cross country skiing and competitive cross country ski racing.  We instruct both classic style and skating techniques.  Participants are able to compete in youth races in the area.  Skiers can work towards racing at the regional and national level.  We welcome skiers of all levels from beginners to expert.

We are in our 11th year of bringing skiing to youth in Kittitas County.  We want to encourage all youth to participate, regardless of finances.  Our programs are run by volunteers and funded through donations.  We are a 501c3 organization.

Our practice locations and therefore times vary due to snow conditions.  Our locations for skiing include Rotary Park, Manastash Snopark, Elk Heights Snowpark, Mineral Springs Snopark, Blewett Pass Snopark, and Cabin Creek Snopark.  We will practice at the closest location that has skiing.


Elementary School: Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday Emphasis is on fun and learning proper technique.  Participants who are under 7 are welcome but must have a parent present to participate.  Ski location will depend on snow conditions: Rotary Park, Elk Heights, Manastash or Blewett.

Middle School/High School: Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday Carpool from and back to EHS.  Ski location will depend on snow conditions: Rotary Park, Elk Heights, Manastash or Blewett.  Experienced skiers may help instruct the elementary group as well, and older skiers who are beginners are welcome to come Mondays and Wednesdays.  There are two options for this age group:
  • Recreational: This is for the less experienced skiers.  Emphasis is on learning proper technique and fun.  Participates in weekday sessions, Sunday sessions, and possibly  in Washington Cup races.  Note that recreational skiers are welcome to participate in race trips.
  • Race: This option is for experienced skiers looking to optimize their performance.  Participates in weekday sessions, Sunday sessions, participates in JNQ races and additional sessions as snow allows.  Emphasis is on fun, proper technique, and training.

All Ages Weekend Session: Sunday 10AM-Noon Cabin Creek.    Carpooling is encouraged, and we usually have several vehicles leaving from Ellensburg at 9AM returning at 1PM.  Some skiers might wish to stay and ski in the afternoon.

Registration Link

Cost (none!)

There is no charge for participants in the Ellensburg Ski Team Programs.  Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Ellensburg Ski Team to offset expenses for grooming, insurance and transportation.  Mail your donation to Ellensburg Ski Team, 402 N. Chestnut, Ellensburg, WA 98926.  Note that similar programs in the area charge about $200 for an Elementary Program, and up to $2500 for the race program.  All of our coaches are volunteers.


Participants will need skating and classic skis, boots, and poles.  Packages are available for season rental at a discounted price from Mountain High Sports. Please mark your child’s skis/poles – they tend to look similar.  Race participants should consider waxable classic skis and 2 pairs of poles. Elementary participants will mostly classic ski.  If cost is an issue, please contact us for assistance- we have scholarship

Team gear: We have jackets and race suits manufactured in the USA by podiumwear.  Click here to go to the team storefront.  The password is "eburg"


We participate in 2 race series.  Participation is entirely up to the individual.  Some skiers participate in dozens of races, while others do none (and many do an intermediate amount.)

Washington Cup is a series of 5 races that are low/no cost and perfect for all ages and skill levels.  There are 5 Washington Cup races around the northwest:  See website
Dec 28th Methow
Jan 11th Leavenworth
Jan 26th Cabin Creek
Feb 9th Plain
Feb 29th Cabin Creek

Junior National Qualifiers (JNQs) are a series of 8 races that are for the more dedicated and experienced skiers.  Note that many recreational skiers come on these trips to enjoy new ski areas.  These races occur on 4 weekends:
Jan 9-12 Bend (Oregon)
Jan 17-19 Spokane
Jan 31-Feb 2 Methow
Feb 12-16 Soldier Hollow (Utah)

Junior Nationals are March 6-15.


Please sign up for the remind account.  Weekly updates will be posted on the  We will send messages via remind when the weekly update is posted- you will see these as text messages or can receive them as emails. To receive text messages text "@e4fbb8" to "81010" or

Questions: email

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Feb 26-Mar 4

Hello Skiers-

What a great week of skiing!  Congratulations to the racers who participated in the Washington Cup Race at Tall Timber.   Uhuru, Isak, Garrett, Wyatt, Liam, Carol, Ethan, Oisin, and Marie Sabine had great races and a lot of fun!  

We have t-shirts available this week.  I will have them at all practices.  $15 for Shirts.  We have sizes from youth to adult, so parents can get them too!

We are in our final week this week.  But it will be full of action.

Tuesday: Middle/High School: Long Ski Mineral Springs or Blewett depending on grooming.  Skiers choice of skating or classic.  Bring headlamps.  Meet EHS 3:15, Return 7PM.

Wednesday: Elementary (although all ages are welcome). Cabin Creek Ski and Pizza.  Meet Super 1 3:20, Return 7:15.  SKATING

Thursday: Middle High School Blewett Skating. EHS 3:15 Return 6PM.

Saturday: Washington Cup Finals SKATING.  We are the hosts of this race, so it would be great if everyone could participate.  There is no charge for entry.  Races are 1k, 3k, and 5k SKATING, starting at 10AM.  I have a bunch of prizes that I would love Ellensburg kids to win.  Also, since those who have done 3 or more Washington Cup races are eligible for season awards.  Registration at

Sunday: Ozbaldy 10km SKATING.  For the older kids who want to race 10k, register at

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Feb 19-25

What a wonderful week of skiing!  It was great working with so many of you parents today!  Big improvements were made by all. Great job!  This is our penultimate week and winter weather is back.  There is a fun event in Plain Saturday that all should consider.

Monday: No activity.  Happy President’s Day

Tuesday: Middle & High School Classic 3:15 EHS Return 6PM Likely Blewett depending on grooming.

Wednesday: Elementary Ski and Pizza Classic.  Super 1 3:20, return 7PM

Thursday: Middle & High School Skating 3:15 EHS Return 6PM Likely Blewett.

Saturday: Washington Nordic Cup Skating #4 in Tall Timber (near Plain).  This is a great event that is welcoming to all skiers, and is free to enter.  It is a great place for a first race.  Registration here.  7:30 Meet EHS to carpool.  Races at 11, 11:30, and noon.  Return around 4PM.  More information on Washington Nordic Cup here.

Sunday: Our last Sunday at Cabin Creek.  Skating.  We will do a kilometer challenge!  Try to ski your farthest distance!  9AM meet EHS or 10AM at Cabin Creek.  Ski as far as you can!

Looking ahead: March 3rd Washington Nordic Cup #5 at Cabin Creek.  March 4th 10k for Juniors as part of Ozbaldy 50k.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Feb 12-18th

Audrey, Linnea, Cassandra, Uhuru & Isak
at the Race of the Methow
Feb 12-18

Congratulations to Uhuru and Isak for qualifying for Junior Nationals. Uhuru and Isak will represent the Pacific Northwest Ski Association at 4 races in Soldier Hollow, Utah in March.  This will be Uhuru’s fourth trip to “JNs” and Isak’s first. They qualified based on their best 5 of 8 qualifying races.  The final 2 races were in the Methow this weekend.

This week we are going to try something different for the elementary: Wednesday only at Cabin Creek. We will drive up from Super 1, ski, eat some pizza, and then bring kids back at 7PM.

Monday: No activity
Tues 3:15 Middle & High School Group Blewett CLASSIC Return to EHS 6:00
Wed Elementary Skating at Cabin Creek Meet at Super 1 at 3:20 Return at 7 (full of pizza)
Thurs 3:15 EHS Middle & High School Group Mineral Springs or Blewett SKATING Return to EHS 5:45PM
Sunday: Cabin Creek Skating 10AM-1PM- we will do a longer session on Sunday.  Meet EHS 9AM return 2PM
Jessica and Heather had a suggestions for a fundraiser- a lesson for adults.  If there is interest we could do that Sunday after the kids.  If you are interested, send me an email.

Looking ahead.  Feb 24th Washington Nordic Cup 4 in Plain.  The race may be farther up the valley- it depends on snow.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Feb 5-11

Isak winning the 5k Stampede
We had a great week of skiing this week, and Gwynnie (2k), Gavin (15k), Garrett (5k), Avega (2k), Ethan (1k), Isak (5k) and Audrey (5k) represented us well in the Stampede races today.  Congratulations to all!

We have some seriously warm weather in the forecast, so plans might change based on snow.  Check your email and/or remind.  

Plan A is the same as last week.  One note: since we are going to Manastash each day, it is ok for Middle & High Schoolers to “tag along” on Mondays and/or Wednesdays if we have room in vehicles.  

Mon Elementary Classic at Manastash Meet at Super 1 at 3:20 Return at 5:30
Tues 3:15 Middle & High School Group Manastash CLASSIC Return to EHS 6:00
Wed Elementary Skating or Classic at Manastash Meet at Super 1 at 3:20 Return at 5:30  
Thurs 3:15 EHS Middle & High School Group Manastash SKATING Return to EHS 5:45PM

Friday-Sunday: Methow Valley trip.  We are planning to meet at EHS at 3:15 PM, and depart as soon as rides are sorted out (people can headlamp ski Friday night if they are inspired).  For those racing, information and registration is here (note that you must register by Thursday evening):

Sunday 10-noon at Cabin Creek, Skating, for those not going to the Methow Valley. Let Carey know if you’d like to carpool:

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jan 29-Feb 4

Hello Skiers-

An intrepid group made the trek to Mt. Bachelor and had a fantastic weekend.  We experienced the full spectrum of winter, from snow and wind to sun and warm.  Isak, Uhuru and Audrey represented Ellensburg well in the races.  It was a nice day at Cabin Creek as well.  And we skied at Manastash all week- Thursday was the best day of the season so far up there.

Before I get into this week, a future event.  Email Heather Hazlett if you want to come to the Methow Feb 9-11.  She is arranging lodging.   Please email her at

Mon Elementary Classic at Manastash Meet at Super 1 at 3:20 Return at 5:30
Tues 3:15 Middle & High School Group Manastash CLASSIC Return to EHS 6:00
Wed Elementary Skating or Classic at Manastash Meet at Super 1 at 3:20 Return at 5:30  
Thurs 3:15 EHS Middle & High School Group Manastash SKATING Return to EHS 6PM

Sunday: Kongsberger Stampede at Cabin Creek

This is a fun event that is open to all.  It is part of the Washington Nordic Cup, a series of races that are low key, low cost, and maximize fun.  (  Everyone can race if they want.  The races are freestyle, which means most people will skate.  Classic is ok.


*skiing has 2-year age groups: U20 is 1999 and 1998; U18 is 2000 and 2001;  U16 is 2002 and 2003; U14 is 2004 and 2005; U12 is 2006 and 2007; U10 is 2008 and 2009; U8 is 2010 and 2011; U6 is 2012 and younger.

U6 or anyone doing the 0.5k does not need to register- we are not timing that race - they will just ski around a course and then get a lollipop.

Race Schedule:
10AM Stampede 15k
10:06 approx Stampede 5k (U16-U20)
10:55 2k U12-U14
10:57 1k U8-U10
10:59 Lollipop 0.5k (untimed)

I would recommend arriving about 9:30 to check in and get organized.