Sunday, February 26, 2017

March 1 and March 4-5

This is the winter that keeps on giving!  We had a great time in Plain on Saturday and at Cabin Creek today.  This is the last week of practice.

Plain 5k
Little Lake Kachess
Wednesday- Skating at Elk Heights. 3:20 Meet at EHS.  Ski 3:50-5:15, return to EHS 5:45

Saturday Washington Cup Finals 11AM SKATING Cabin Creek.  (Arrive at 10AM to register and organize for an 11AM start).  This will be a fun event.  Carey and Jeff have been among the organizers of the series, so please come out for the season finale (Hint- there are a lot of great prizes.)

Sunday Ozbaldy 10k SKATING race at Cabin Creek 9AM start.  Arrive 8AM to register and organize for 9AM start).  Registration link here.

Several families have talked about renting a house for the weekend March 9-11, perhaps in Plain or Methow Valley.  Contact Carey if you are interested.

Uhuru and Jeff leave for Junior Nationals in Lake Placid on Friday.  Wish Uhuru and the rest of the Pacific Northwest Skiers luck!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Feb 22 and beyond...

Well earned Apres Ski hot chocolate!
Julia tearing up the hill in the classic race.
Congratulations to the Mt. Spokane skiers.  We had a fantastic weekend, with winter in full swing.  We had great skiing (of course), card games, snowball fights, camaraderie...  It was fantastic.  Congratulations to Julia, Gavin, Isak, Audrey and Uhuru for their great race performances.  Julia raced her longest distances ever, a long 3k Saturday and Sunday.  Gavin and Isak had great performances in the 5k skate.  Audrey raced back to back 10ks.  Uhuru raced Sunday only, but was the event winner and qualified for Junior Nationals, to be held in Lake Placid, NY March 3-11.

We are down to the last 2 weeks of our program.  With the longer days, we have been enjoying some great afternoon skis.  This weekend is the first ever event in Plain, WA.  It is free and low key, and should feature a great new course.  The following week, Saturday March 4th, is the Washington Cup Finals at Cabin Creek- also free!  These are great events to wrap up a great season.

Finally, save the date Wednesday March 15th, 6PM Cornerstone Pie for our end of season celebration.

Regular Practices:

Wednesday: Elk Heights SKATING 3:20 Depart EHS, 3:50-5:10 Ski, 5:40 return to EHS

Saturday: Plain Race SKATING: Depart EHS 8:00, Arrive Plain 9:45.  Race 11:00, stay to ski a bit, return to Ellensburg 4:00  More info about Plain here.

Sunday: Cabin Creek CLASSIC 10AM-noon.  Carpool from Fruit Barn 9AM.

Additional Practices

Tuesday: 3:00-3:30 Lincoln for after school games, afterwards Manastash SKATING

Thursday Blewett Pass SKATING- possible rendezvous with Leavenworth skiers.

Friday: 3:00-3:45 Lincoln for after school games

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week of Feb 13-19

The Ellensburg Yellow showed proud at the Stampede Race Today.   Great skis by Isak, Magnus, Gavin, Kenny, and Audrey in the 5k, and Gwynnie and Avega in the 2.5k.  Congratulations!

This week we will try something different: skiing in town at the Lincoln Elementary for the younger (and young of heart) on Monday and Thursday.

Many skiers are headed off to the final Junior National Qualifier in Spokane this weekend.  Carey will stay in town and hold a practice on Sunday.

There are two more great races to put on your calendar: Feb 25th in Plain: Skate race on their new course.  March 4-5 at Cabin Creek: Individual Skate race AND relay Saturday, followed by 10k Sunday.

This week:

MONDAY: 3:00-4:00 SKATING at Lincoln Elementary.  We will set up an obstacle course, and play some games.


THURDAY: 3:00-4:00 SKATING at Lincoln Elementary.  Same as Monday.

SUNDAY: SKATING at Cabin Creek.

Additional sessions: Tuesday: Classic.  Location TBD, depends on grooming.

Mt Spokane Trip.  Depart EHS noon in time to preview courses.  Race Saturday & Sunday, return Sunday around 6PM.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Feb 8 & 11

Wow!  It is a winter wonderland out!  Here are some pictures from last week!

We had a fantastic ski weekend in the Methow Valley.  Magnus placed 12th in the U18/20 Sprint, and 8th in the U18 10k classic.  Isak just missed semifinals in the sprint, and won the consolation final.  Isak also placed 16th in the 5k classic.  Gavin placed 5th in the consolation sprint final and 24th in the 5k classic.  Audrey also narrowly missed the semifinals, and won the sprint consolation final.  Uhuru placed 5th in the U18/20 sprint, and 4th in the U18/20 10k, and has wrapped up her qualification for Junior Nationals.  Gwynnie raced a hard fought 2.5k, finishing 19th, only 6 seconds behind the winner of last week's Jente Loppet.

Winter continues!  This week is the Washington Cup Skating race at Cabin Creek.  Jeff and Carey are the hosts of this one.  Our goal is to encourage all athletes have a positive race experience.  The race is free of charge.  More information is here.  (The 14 and under race time needs to be updated- it is 10:50. Also, older skiers who are just starting can race the 2k free of charge.)

Wednesday: SKATING at Elk Heights.  Meet at EHS 3:20, Ski 3:50-5:10, Return to EHS 5:40

Sunday Stampede Race.  5k racers start at 10AM, 2.5k and shorter 10:55. Please print and bring the signed waiver.  

Extra Sessions: Tuesday Manastash 3:20 SKATING, Thursday Elk Heights 3:20 CLASSIC

SPOKANE RACERS: Early registration deadline for Spokane races is Tuesday night.  Link for registration here.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Feb 1 & Feb 5

Hello Skiers-

We had a great ski at Elk Heights Wednesday, and a day at the Jente Loppet Sunday.  Audrey and Isak were 5k champions, with Gavin finishing 3rd.  Gwynnie, Avega, Julia and Ben skied really well in the 2.5k.  They weren't done, as they all skied in the afternoon along Lake Keechelus.   Audrey, Isak, Bryton and Ben made the traverse to Crystal Springs.

This Week:

Tuesday Optional Ski CLASSIC at Manastash.

Wednesday Elk Heights CLASSIC. (Keep alert in case of grooming changes) Meet EHS 3:20, Ski 3:50-5:10, Return to EHS 5:40.  Please Deliver race skis to me this day or Thursday.

Thursday: Optional ski Manastash.  SKATE.

Friday-Sunday: Methow Trip.  Races Saturday and Sunday at Liberty Bell high school.  No race day registration, so sign up online if you want to participate by Thursday.

Sunday:  Scott and Melanie will be doing a SKATE session at Cabin Creek 10AM-noon for those not going to the Methow.  If you are planning to attend PLEASE EMAIL ME SO I CAN TELL THEM HOW MANY TO EXPECT.  Thanks for putting this on Scott and Melanie!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Jan 25 & Jan 29

Well, it is warmer, but the kids will tell you it just makes better snowballs!  The older kids stayed home from California due to a huge storm, and skiing here was pretty good!  The schedule for this week:

Wednesday: SKATING @ Elk Heights (Keep alert in case of grooming changes).  Leave EHS 3:20, Ski 3:50-5:10, Return to EHS 5:40.


We found out late that the Jente Loppet is Sunday.  Many Ellensburg skiers participated in this event last year.  It is a low key and fun race for women, but is open to youth males as well.  Here is the link, including a registration link- signing up online saves $10.  There are lots of pictures of Ellensburg folks on the site- see how many you can find!

The race is freestyle, which means skating or classic.  Most people would skate, but if you think you would be faster classic you can do this too.

The directions on that site are written from the perspective of a Seattle person- don't follow them!  Take exit 54, turn left, go under freeway, turn left at stop sign.  Follow road to snopark in 1/2 mile.
The race starts at 10AM.  I thought it would be great to combine the race with a ski along the lake.  Please come for any part of the day or all:

7:50 Meet at Fruit barn to carpool
9AM Arrive Hyak, registration details, etc.
10AM Race (or just ski)
11AM ish awards
11:30 lunch, snack
12:00 Ski again from Hyak, some skiers might want to make the 8 mile (all flat) ski along the lake to Crystal Springs
2:00 Return to Hyak, drive back to Ellensburg, picking up skiers at Crystal Springs on the way
3:00 Return to Fruit Barn
We hope you will all be able to join, whether you plan to race or not.  Hyak has great terrain for beginners (very flat), and is scenic.
Optional practices:

Tuesday & Thursday after school, skiing at Manastash, Mineral Springs, Taneum or Elk Heights, depending on grooming.  Meet at 3:15 front of EHS if interested, return at 6.

Methow Weekend Feb 4-5.  Race Information Here.  The price goes up Friday night, so register early if you are going.  If additional athletes want to go to Methow, email Jeff.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Jan 18 & 22

Hello Skiers-

What a great week of winter.  We had great skiing at the golf course and then great races at the Gunnar Hagen Youth Race Today.  Below are all the Ellensburg participants, except Kenny (who had an AMAZING ski).  Result are here.
Unfortunately, we have some warmer temps in the forecast... So we will be playing things a bit by ear for Wednesday.  To add to the uncertainty, the groomer told me today that he has one machine down.  I'll update things Wednesday during the day when I know more.

Wednesday PRACTICE CANCELLED DUE TO TREACHEROUS ROAD CONDITIONS: Elk Heights SKATING.  (The location may change, but the times will be fairly close- but throw classic skis in the car just in case.) Meet EHS 3:20, Ski 3:50-5:10, Return to EHS 5:40.

Sunday: Cabin Creek 10AM-noon SKATING.  Let's try to organize carpools for Sunday- meet at Thorp at 9:00?

Tuesday (optional- all ages welcome): We may do a Lincoln after school ski, followed by a bit of agility and technique work at Lincoln SKATING.  We will finish about 4:45.

Thursday-Sunday: Isak, Magnus and Uhuru will be heading to California for a big time race called the "Supertour."  The Supertour is the top race series in the United States, so many national team and Olympians will be there (but they won't be racing the same category.) Wish them luck!